Picnic Lunch with Pacific Spirit
What will make WCHR 2014 more pleasant may be a picnic lunch dubbed the Picnic Lunch with Pacific Spirit, which is scheduled for May 15. Congress participants will have a great opportunity to enjoy not only lunch but also the splendid scenery of Jeju in the midst of a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. That's why it's called the "Picnic Lunch with Pacific Spirit," which will certainly give you the feel of taking a picnic on a spring day. After lunch, you could also take a walk for a look at JusangJeolli Cliffs, where volcanic rock formations rise out of the sea like pillars. These splendid cliffs are within a few minutes walking distance from ICC JEJU.
Date &Time May 15, 12:30 - 14:00
Place Park outside of ICC Jeju & Jusangjeolli Cliffs
Fee Free of Charge
* JusangJeolli Cliffs
Near Jungmun Beach, a popular spot for vacationers and locals is an impressive pillar rock formation named JusangJeolli Cliffs. The formation looks like a piece of art that has been sculpted delicately with a sharp tool. JusangJeolli Cliffs usually refer to vertical pillars shaped rocks in a rectangular or hexagonal shape and are often composed of basaltic lava. Such a formation is the result of a sudden contraction when thick molten lava flows from an active volcanic crater and cools rapidly. This site is full a wonder of nature, where hexagonal rock pillars stand on top of each other like giant stairs. The waves that hit the pillars are also interesting to see when the tide is high, as they can leap up to 20 meters high. These magnificent cliffs, 30~40m high and 1km wide, are the largest such formations in Korea and are designated as Natural Monument No. 443. Thanks to a viewing platform with wooden steps, it is possible to see JusangJeolli Cliffs closely.